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LFA helps real estate agents start, converse and book more appointments on auto-pilot. We rapidly grow your local influence and setup automatic systems to farm your neighborhood for you.

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Eliminate the stress of chasing leads and attract high-intent clients with our Done-for-You services. Get more listings today!

3-4x Returns


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What's the Strategy?

Dominate the market

The strategy is to make you become the obvious choice amongst your competitors and influence the property buyers and sellers to choose you over other agents.

Highly converting Website

The website is built to add value and credibility to you, the local real estate pro of your community. Plus, our ”Speed-to-Lead” technology bridges a phone call between you and the potential client in an instant.

Top of Google Search

Creating, verifying and optimizing your GoogleMyBusiness page to organically appear on top of Google search.

BOOSTED online presence

Listing and verifying your business with 70+ directories so that property buyers and sellers can find you anywhere they look at. 

Conquer social platforms

Creating and posting across all of your social media platforms to keep your community engaged and to show potential customers that you market yourself and your listings properly! Custom brand, custom info, custom captions.

Listing Marketing on autopilot

Super important for sellers who are looking for a competitive real estate agent! We share every new listing and every listing status update on your social media to keep your community updated!

Amplify your sphere of influence

Send review requests with a click to enhance your online influence and reputation. Then our system automatically shares your wins and successes with your audience on social platforms to help you add value to your name.

Who's eligible?

We only work with agents with the highest probability of success to guarantee results that no other company guarantees.

And that probability depends on your location, real estate experience and few other factors.

We only work with 1 agent per area to avoid conflict of interest.

If you’re eligible, all we need from you is 1 hour of your time to onboard you into our program.


We don’t have a set price. We build custom plans for our clients.

Let’s talk over the phone to see if what we do is even beneficial for you or if you’re eligible. 

What important is that we guarantee 3-4x returns to ALL of our customers. Guaranteed results OR YOUR MONEY BACK.


We include our award-winning All-in-One SIMPLFIED real estate marketing app that will glue everything together and make your life easier. Automated lead nurturing with sms & email drip campaigns, and much more!


What Our Clients Have To Say

Real estate agents are tired of old-school strategies like cold calling or door knocking. We're here to propose an alternative approach.

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Because we only work with agents with the highest success rates. We have to be selective if we want to provide a results guarantee.

If you want the guaranteed results, a minimum of 6 or 12 months is required. If you do not want guaranteed results, we could put you on a month to month basis plan.

Yes, you will be able to make changes on your website easily, without any code.

Yes, if you are 10+ agents who want to get enrolled in our program, we can come up with an exclusive discount.

Simply fill up the eligibility form and one of our representatives will contact you within minutes.

Combination of Done-for-You services + All-in-One Real Estate Marketing App at an unbeatable price.

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