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Value of $99/month

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All-In-One & Two-Way Conversations

Website Chat | SMS | Email | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Google Reviews | Google Messages

Keep up with all the messages you receive across all communicative channels! Can you imagine how much time you can save when you have ALL of your entire business communications in one inbox?

Combine that with our AI Lead Nurturing system and you’re setting appointments while you sleep. Yeah! Take that beauty sleep or watch the match, we got you sorted.

I love LeadForAgents. The customer service has always been great. Thanks again for running a great service.
Daniella S.
Real Estate Agent

Social Media Planner

Social Media Management Tool

Organize content for every day of the week in one place. Simply upload the content to the app, and allow the app to automatically post it across all of your social channels for you! Crazy right?

After getting into real estate, I was very overwhelmed of what I should be doing. However, now I have a clear vision of where I am headed. I recommend their services to every agent!
Ayesha L.
Real Estate Agent

Value of $99/month

You pay $0

Value of $99/month

You pay $0

Custom branded Real Estate website

Proven & Branded Lead Magnets

Not every agent has a website. Most agents only have a profile on their brokerage’s site. Set yourself apart and earn your client’s trust by having your own website. Rank on Google, have an online authority, get more leads and close more deals. That’s usually how it goes! 

Just their tools alone is super valuable. But on top of that, they provide you with a service that saves you even MORE time. Unbelievable.
Anne Tremblay
Real Estate Agent

Capture leads

Lead Magnets, Forms & Funnels

Attract leads with powerful lead magnets. We provide you with customized and valuable PDF guides that you can give to potential clients for free, in exchange for a form submission! a custom branded site.

They really put a lot of effort in making sure that you understand what you're getting into. The free onboarding made all the difference.
Andre P.
Real Estate Agent

Value of $99/month

You pay $0

Value of $99/month

You pay $0

nurture leads

Email & SMS Marketing

There are so many ways you can use this: have a list of previous clients? You can send them all a message to request a review from them! Limitless possibilities.

Our response rate is under a minute right now. We’re able to drive a sale without having to speak on the phone.
Angelina T.
Real Estate Agent

Request review

Reputation Management

Some people might believe you when you say you’re good. But everyone believes when your clients say it. Yeah, that’s hard evidence, and that’s how people shop nowadays: people compare reputations. Sherlock Holmes style! Have a review request sent to all of your clients either by choice or automatically!

In 2022 alone we hit an all-time record in leads, customers, and net profit, and we attribute a lot of that growth to LeadForAgents.
Caroline B.
Real Estate Agent

Value of $99/month

You pay $0

Here's a full list of the features

When you subscribe to our service, you will have a simplified view, but here’s a full list of what’s under the hood for the tech savvy agents out there. 


  • Users Unlimited
  • Contacts Unlimited
  • Leads Unlimited
  • Funnels Unlimited
  • Workflows Unlimited
  • Social Media Scheduling Unlimited
  • Calling A-la-carte

    Making calls: $ 0.0136 / min
    Receiving Calls: $ 0.0089 / min

  • Texting A-la-carte

    $ 0.0079 / segment

  • Emailing A-la-carte

    Sending emails: $ 0.000709/email


Website Builder

The websites that we build for you come with a easy website builder that enables you to tweak your website easily.


Social Media Scheduler

This tool allows you to post or schedule posts to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google with 1 click.


Create & sell your own courses

Are you the type that likes to coach or train other agents? Whether it’s about sales, marketing or any other valuable information. You can now make courses and sell them! One-time payment or monthly memberships!


Inbound & Outbound Calling

Whether you use our web app or our mobile app, you can make or receive calls! Business phone number is a must. Biggest mistake is to do business with your personal phone number.


Omnichannel two-way Messaging

Your emails, calls, text messages, website chats, social media chats, reviews and voicemails will ALL appear in ONE INBOX. Then you can reply back to them, also from ONE INBOX. 


Call Tracking

Ever wondered who called you from where? Which flyers work? The billboards you put up, are they generating anything? You can now track all of your offline marketing.


Reputation Management

Our smart reputation management system can detect when someone leaves a bad review and FILTERS it out!


Birthday text for 4 years

Automatically send birthday texts to your clients to show them that you did not forget about them!



Manage your your lead/clients information all in one spot. All of your conversations, notes, tasks, calls, etc.



Manage your pipelines and do not lose track of a potential client! From lead in to close. 


Lead Manager

No matter the channel or the means, every single person that tries to communicate with you will be added into your contact list.


Calendar Booking

top losing time looking through your availabilities when your clients can directly book you all by themselves.


Bulks SMS Sending

Can you imagine sending an SMS to your 1,000+ contacts about a new listing or about an open house event? That’s what this is.


Bulk Email Sending

Same as the SMS the capability. You can send MASS emails to all of your contacts. It could be about an event, promotion, new listing or whatever you would want it to be!


SMS & Email Drip Campaigns

If people sign up to your lead magnets, they will be put into a campaign that will send them valuable SMS and emails for over 12 months. 



Catch leads on your website when someone wants to book a free consultation, get a free PDF guide or other lead magnets.



Real estate surveys help make Realtors more effective and efficient. They let them know what types of properties a buyer is looking for, saving time and money showing undesirable properties.


Task Management

Create task and reminders for to not forget what you have to do for your leads!


Advance Analytics

Have access to all the analytics you need. Call tracking, call reports per agent, website traffic, Facebook, google and Tiktok ad reports.


Local & Toll-Free Numbers

No matter where you are from, we can get you local numbers for your business use or for your offline marketing call tracking use. Unlimited numbers.


Request for reviews

Requesting for reviews is always a hassle. People can’t find you, or they don’t know how to do it or you forget about it…


Email Template Builder

Easily create most beautiful emails with our drag-and-drop email designer. You can then use the template to send it out to all of your contacts.


Website Chat

Give people the ability to reach you through your website’s chat. This is super popular nowadays. People don’t want to call anymore. They rather text.


Custom Domain

Connect your own domain to your website, forms, surveys and etc. It’s a must to stay consistent with your domain & brand.


Mobile App

We have a mobile app that you can install on your phone to receive all the lead notification, inbound calls and etc. You can even call people from your business number through our app!

Online solutions at the finger tips of real estate professionals. Everything you need under one Web App!

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