50% Discount

Website & social media for The CE Shop real estate users!

50% Discount

Website & social media for The CE Shop real estate users!

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Professional Real Estate Website

Bilingual website (English & Spanish)

A website increases your credibility and helps your image stand out. Building awareness & online presence starts first with a website.

Leverage your website by including your website link on your business cards, your listings, your social media, your marketing material, your ads, and more!

Social Media Management

Drive lucrative results from the right platforms

Win over followers and nurture them as leads with a strategic local social media management strategy. Our real estate social media experts craft highly engaging posts to engage and convert the right people to your sales funnels. 

How does it work?

Essentially, you're hiring a virtual assistant for yourself.

Your remote assistant will be assigned to your account for the job you hire them for. Having an assistant can free up so much of your time. Time that you could then allocate to your real estate business.

We have great answers

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There is no contract and there is no engagement. You can subscribe and unsubscribe from any of our services at any point in time.

Short answer: Yes.

Our staff is fully bilingual in English & French. We can provide our websites in 3 langauges. English, French & Spanish.

While most companies focus on “lead generation”, we like to first focus on building a solid online foundation for you. With a foundation, every marketing/advertising effort will result in more conversions and higher return on your investment. We recommend every single agent to start with our website first, before anything else.

Upon request, we can give you the credentials to your website to give you the ability to edit the content of your website. No coding required.

Simply request for a quote by clicking “Get a quote” and we will get back to you within 48 hours. The goal is simply to see if there’s an opportunity for us to work in any capacity before we can give you access to our app.

A professional online impression goes a long way. Start today.

Create a gap between you and your rivals. Your clients will notice it! To become a top performer, you gotta move like a top performer. 

Online solutions at the finger tips of real estate professionals. Everything you need under one Web App!



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