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The foundation

Bilingual multi-page website (English & Spanish)

A website increases your credibility and helps your image stand out. Building awareness & online presence starts first with a website.

You could leverage your website by including your link on your business cards, your listings, your social media, your marketing material, your ads and more!

Website - Tailored To Real Estate Agents

Your remote assistant at LeadForAgents will build you a beautiful website that will help buyers & sellers differentiate you from other agents.

Social Media Management

Your remote assistant will create fully customized posts and stories for all of your social media channels. (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google)

Hands-free social media presence

Custom & branded to your business

Staying active on social media is super important! And guess what? We do it all for you. We create useful content for you even if you don’t provide us with anything.

How does it work?

Essentially, you're hiring a remote assistant for yourself.

Your remote assistant will be assigned to your account for the job you hire them for. Having an assistant can free up so much of your time. Time that you could then allocate to your real estate business.

You need more?

We're dedicated in providing you with everything you may need.

If you’re someone that needs more than our two promoted packages, please fill up the form below to have one of our product specialists call you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There is no contract and there is no engagement. You can subscribe and unsubscribe from any of our services at any point in time.

Our technology allows you to seamlessly hire virtual assistants for all of your online needs. Once you become a member, we provide you access to our web app that can be accessed from your computer or from your mobile device. Inside of that web app, you will be able to chat with your assistant, see what they’re working on and much more.

We’re from Montreal Canada, and all of our staff is fully bilingual in English & French. We can provide support in both English & French. As for Spanish, our website package is the only product that comes with 3 languages: English, French & Spanish

Hiring virtual assistants is  going to be far more affordable & beneficial. Employees will cost you thousands of dollars a month times (x) each single service that you might need. In our case, our services start from $29.95 per month and if you hire us for ALL of your online needs, it wouldn’t even reach the cost of a single employee.

Essentially, upon subscribing to any of our services, you’re hiring a virtual assistant for yourself. One point of contact for all of your online needs. Your assistant will take care of your website, social media management, lead generation, and much more.

While most companies focus on “lead generation”, we like to first focus on building a solid online foundation for our clients. With a foundation, every marketing/advertising effort will result in more conversions and higher return on our clients’ investments.

If you already have credible online presence, we can jump right into lead generation and other strategies.

If you do not have a logo, we can simply put the logo your agency. Or, you could also consult us to have our professional designers to create a logo for you.

It is very recommended to have one, but if you desire to not have your photo displayed on your website or elsewhere, we respect that.

Upon request, we can give you the credentials to your website to give you the ability to edit the content of your website. No coding required.

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We provide free consultations to learn more about your current situation and future goals. Let's plan out your success together!

We work remotely

Our team is based in Montreal, Canada.

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We work remotely

Our team is based in Montreal, Canada.

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888-846-0012 (Toll-Free)

Follow us - We're a brand new startup!

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Follow us - we're a brand new startup!

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